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.. at Yachtcharter "Turfskip".

Yachtcharter "TURFSKIP"

We are very pleased to offer you our new internet programm. Sailing seems a nice idea to you for your holidays. Enjoying the freedom on the water and the beautiful scenery. Being lazy on your ship or, on the contrary, being active sailing, surfing, fishing or swimming.

All that is possible with our motor yachts which have been equipped with all modern conveniences. The very solidly constructed and stable steel motor yachts, almost all of recent date, are clean, manoeuvrablea and easy to navigate. Our terms of lease hace been drawn in accordance with NJI Standards.


Should you wish to book a ship, you had best to do the following:

  • 1. phone us first to see, if the ship of your choice is still free in the required period

  • 2. send the complete booking form to us at once You will then receive by return of post our terms of lease in duplicate and the inventory list.


You have never sailed before an you are going to hire a ship from us ? It is some time ago that you sailed for the last time ? 

Then it may be a good idea to use our "Schippers start help" (Skipper starting help) offer. What does this navigation instruction imply ? On the first day of your holidays an experiencend SSH Skipper will join you on board in the morning. He will sail all with you and will show you how to manoeuvre on your own hired ship, so that you can make yourself familiar (again) with all the tricks of the trade of peace and quit. Your crew will also be shown how to moor, tie the roops, etc. In the evening you will have a short introduction to the theory of sailing, learning the navigation rules, right-of-way rules, etc. 

You will receive an entry form (and the costs of SSH) for the informal SSH-navigation instruction with the terms of lease. A navigation licence is not compulsory for your ship. Before sailing we shall give you the necessary technical explanation and, if so desired, we shall provide a trial run.

If you have less experience with sailing, from 13 meter Schipper Start Hulp (SSH) is obliged.

Would you like further information after exploring our Internet program. Do not hesitate: phone or fax us or email; we are entirely at your service, with good tips and advice.
An enjoyable holiday begins with a good ship: so, hire from Yachcharter "Turfskip"!

With kind regards

Fam. Wind

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