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Skippertraining / SSH- manoeuvring course

With our yachts you can sail without the need for a boat master’s certificate. After a brief period of instruction this is often no problem at all for beginners. In our experience however, those who have little or no experience can find manoeuvring for bridges and in small harbours guite daunting. That’s why, in conjunction with Schippersstarthulp (SSH), we have developed a concept for a 2 to 3 hour manoeuvring course which you can take immediately on departure.

You practise for 2, 3 or 4 hours with an experienced SSH instructor. If you want to spend the whole day practising this can also be arranged. This enables you to learn about your rented boat in various situations. Naturally berthing exercises involving the entire crew are practised.  We think that this service leads to an even more relaxing boating holiday. 

Become a skipper with Schippers Start Hulp

If you are a skipper with no experience of sailing motor cruisers, Schippers Start Hulp (SSH) offers you the opportunity to learn how to manage the yacht you have hired from Yacht Charter company “Turfskip” in one or one and a half days in Friesland, an area known for its many waterways. 

On the first day(s) of your holiday you are supervised by one of our experienced SSH instructors who will sail with you and your crew through one of the prettiest Friesian lakeland areas. On the way you will intensively practise steering, berthing and mooring the vessel and also how to pass under bridges etc.

For undisturbed holiday pleasure and for the safety of all of the crew members it is not enough to be confident with the boat. Knowledge of a number of important rules on the water is also essential.

SSH-Boating: 3 trainingsprogramma’s – SSH Boating (ssh-boating.com)

Our recommendations:

2 hour course
suitable for guests who already have some experience and want to take a refresher course. € 110.00 (provided directly after departure)

3 or 4 hour course
suitable for beginners and guests who have a little experience. € 145.00 (provided directly after departure)

Day course (4 hours)
suitable for beginners, comprehensive theory/practical course. € 175.00 (provided directly after departure)

For each additional hour of sailing training € 35.00 will be charged.

Day course € 240.00 (Saturday (= any day is possible))

1 1/2 day course € 275.00 (day of departure and following day)

PLEASE NOTE: Reservations must be made at least 3 weeks before date of departure.

Simon Woods,

We have rented a boat from Peters family for several years until we decided to bring our own boat over to the lovely region of friesland... Peter has continued to be a great asset to us and has on more than one occasion provided us with help support and advice,this company is a true gem in the friesland and i will look forward to promoting his company with our friends we have made over the years in this region


Tip top

Miriam Cassola,

Super boat, super service. Very recommended!

Simon Woods,

Just awesome boat yard... Everthing perfect

Susanne Kern,


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