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Terms of the rental agreement

Payment terms:

Deposit: once you are in the possession of the rental agreement, the first rent instalment will be due within 21 days as shown in the agreement. Settlement: the remaining rent is also payable by bank  transfer. Please make sure that full payment is made at least 14 days prior to the start of the rental period, since the funds must be in our bank account on the first day of sailing. Other options include electronic funds transfer at the point of sale and cash payment. Credit card payments incur an extra service fee.

Security deposit:

A security deposit is due before you set sail; this will also cover the policy excess in case of damage. The amount may vary from one ship to another; see our price list for details. You are allowed to previously pay this deposit by a bank transfer, in cash or by bank card. A payment by bank card will be automatically re-credited after your arrival (so at the same day of return).

Departure and return:

After returning the vessel beyond the agreed period, the owner will be entitled to demand a proportional increase of the rent, unless the renter is not to blame for the late return. We may charge as much as € 35.00 per hour for late returns.

Alcohol on board:

As we have received many requests for information and complaints in relation to the strongly increased alcohol consumption on vessels lately (also by people operating the vessels), sometimes resulting in the skipper and his crew being entirely intoxicated, we have been forced to take measures accordingly. And because, in connection with the above, more and more extra cooling systems and elements like beer pumps and external cool boxes are taken on board, and disproportionally large sound systems are connected to the ship’s electricity grid, we are no longer in a position to guarantee full power supply on board. For that reason, we have been forced to introduce the following amendments to the contract:

From today, we – Yachtcharter Turfskip – can no longer consent to renters bringing extra power-consuming equipment, such as beer pumps, cool boxes, freezers and disproportionally large sound systems on board our ships. This letter is part of your contract!! We believe this is in the interest of all our customers.

Rental period:

Four rental periods, i.e.:

Periods of 10 – 12 days can be arranged on request. Weekend and weekday rentals can also be arranged in the early and late season.


Our ships and inventory are covered under a comprehensive insurance policy. Your policy excess (your security deposit) is mentioned in the price list/contract. We recommend that you take out your own cancellation and/or travel insurance. If so required, we can arrange for your cancellation insurance (via RECRON).

Navigation area:

Dutch canals and lakes. The Wadden Sea is strictly forbidden territory.

Our written permission is required for sailing on the IJsselmeer, subject to the following conditions.

We will be pleased to give further information at your request.


We have our own diesel tank lorry. Water hoses are availably by the quayside. Water and diesel tanks are filled before departure. We refill these tanks on your return.


When you first take control, the ship will be in a clean and tidy condition. We would appreciate to have the ship returned in the same condition. We can take over the cleaning duties (inside and out) at a fee; see our price list for details. Please book in advance.


You may bring your dog or cat on board at a small fee (see booking form). However, no pets are allowed on the “Apollo”, “Terra”, “Pegasus 2”, “Pegasus 3”, “Athena” , “Minerva” , “Olympus”, “Hercules” and “Antares”. However, we will be extra vigilant when we inspect the ship for fur, damage, etc. on your return. We will require a fee for cleaning if you decide to bring your pet along (see price list for details).

Hiring extra’s:

If available, you will be able to hire extras such as collapsible bikes, rowing boats, rubber outboard motor boats, life jackets, duvet sets and towel sets (see booking form).

Towel and duvet sets:

As an extra service, we can offer towel and/or duvet sets. A towel set consists of one standard-size towel and one bath towel. You can always order extra towels, of course. The duvet sets are for either single or double beds and consist of one duvet, one duvet cover, one bottom sheet and one or two pillowcases. The above items can be hired at a small fee (see booking form).

Garage / Parking:

We have plenty of parking space at the back of our shipyard for you to leave your car free of charge. At a small fee you may also park your car under cover inside on of our workshops.

Standard equipment:

All our ships come with the following standard equipment: complete kitchen inventory – refrigerator – cooking appliance – heating – toilet(s) – mattresses – pillows – 2 gas bottles – batteries – fire extinguishers – cupboard and storage space – 12 volts electricity and lighting – car vacuum cleaner – gangplank or steps – hook – water bucket – scrubbing brush – fenders – anchor – mooring ropes – mooring pins – life buoy – 2 hydrographic charts (Friesland and northwest Overijssel) – almanac vol. 1 and 2 – small tools – spare oil – sound system or radio / CD player – depth gauge – swimming ladder – 2, 4, 6 or 8 deck chairs and side table.


The kitchen is fully equipped with cutlery, plates, glasses, cups, pans and many accessories. For more details, please read the general inventory list that comes with any rental agreement. Pillows are provided, but you have to bring your own pillowcases, blankets and/or sleeping bags. Duvet and towel sets are for hire, if so required, but make sure you book these items in a timely manner.

Not included in the rent are:

consumption of diesel fuel (filling up on your return at Echtenerbrug), cancellation insurance: 5½% of the rent + € 3,50 administration fee + 21% insurance tax, (not compulsory but highly recommended), bridge dues, lock dues and harbour dues, other costs related to sailing and risks.

Service department:

Yachtcharter “Turfskip” has its own workshop and service van. In the event of a mechanical failure, we can usually assist you on board within one or two hours, no matter where you may be in the northern part of the Netherlands at that time.

Last minute bookings:

Booking up to 21 days before departure. Even though our vessels are fully booked for most of the time, occasionally it happens that a ship has not been rented out. In such cases you can make a last minute booking at a bargain price (go to our web site and look under Last Minute Offers).

Weekend and Midweek rentals:

In the early and late season ships are for hire for a period of less than one week.

Rent enquiries: see our price list or give us a ring.

Simon Woods,

We have rented a boat from Peters family for several years until we decided to bring our own boat over to the lovely region of friesland... Peter has continued to be a great asset to us and has on more than one occasion provided us with help support and advice,this company is a true gem in the friesland and i will look forward to promoting his company with our friends we have made over the years in this region


Tip top

Miriam Cassola,

Super boat, super service. Very recommended!

Simon Woods,

Just awesome boat yard... Everthing perfect

Susanne Kern,


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